Formerly a blogless wonder, now blogless no more. Never was a wonder, unless you count running full-tilt into a screen door a wondrous thing.

I like writing, trying to get things across in a humorous way. I love words and phrases and sponge candy and dogs and breathless, run-on sentences. But enough about me.


Here’s what a happy zinny looks like. Did you ever see such a happy, mutant, weirdo flowery thing in your life?


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    • All these presence- and it’s not even my birthday!
      By the way, I am hoping to use the advice you shared in Carnies’ Corner. It’s helpful for us newbies to hear from the big guys- and by big guys I mean established presents like you. You big gift, you!
      “Happy writing to you, too, my new friend,” she said, smiling from hearing aid to hearing aid.

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