A Blot on My Blog


Hello there! Happy 2013!

When I was doing some art journaling, one of the books I read contained some savvy advice: When you are staring at the pristine pages of your blank book, completely intimidated, sure you will never be able to create anything as pretty/whimsical/funky as the artists whose work you admire, here’s what you should do.

Set your coffee cup down, right on the book.

That’s right, plant a big drippy circle on that clean white page.

(Go ahead, let that drip run sideways! Now flick some of your kid’s grape soda on there. Wipe their sticky little face right on the page. Now press those pages together. Okay, open them up. Ooh look, you made a pretty butterfly!)

I put off starting a blog for a long, long time. I’ve been staring at the blank screen, completely cowed. There are a lot of great bloggers out there- people whose sites crackle with personality. People whose writing makes readers like me laugh out loud or wipe away tears. People who know how to locate and insert a copyright-free photo of a coffee-ring butterfly when they need to.

But I can’t let that stop me. My blog might not be as clever or polished as I want, and it might not have clever witticisms or pertinent topical news, and it may in fact read like the sort of mess created by someone whose only supplies are hot and cold beverages. But I must make my mark. And unless I make it now, unless I put my virtual coffee-cup down on this blank book called happyzinny right now, I may never start. ‘Cause that’s the kind of inhibited, artsy-fartsy coward I am!

So here’s my first post.

And here’s my first misspelling- BLOTT

Here’s my first disclaimer- I’m actually drinking tea, not coffee. But it’s Scottish tea, I think it’s got haggis in it.

Here’s my first acknowledgement of bloggy encouragement- A wonderful Nebraskan named The Cheeky Diva http://thecheekydiva gave me a gentle yet cheeky push. Thank you, Diva!

(Jeez Louise, that was my first linky thing. I’m a real blogger!)

My first moment of crushing self-doubt- I bet I didn’t do the linky thing right. It looks wrong. I’m an idiot!

First pep talk- Snap out of it, Zinny! And get that damn Dummies book out again.

First ramble- Do you know how many times I went to the library and checked out books on blogging? I must have carried home every blogging book in the library! That’s how I cleverly I was procrastinating. Oh, I can’t start a blog until I’ve read everything there is to read on the subject of blogging, that’s what I thought. Like I understood even one eighth of it. Okay, I didn’t even read it all, but I had the books setting with their titles outward, mocking me, daring me to venture into the world of widgets and bulk actions, sidebars and taglines, dashboards and friggin’ gravatars….OMG I’m hyperventilating…

Second cup of tea- Mmmm, that’s good. Seriously, it’s got haggis in it. Or something. Maybe malt?

Which leads me to something that all the books recommend: the comment prompt. It’s important, when finishing a blog post, to come up with a prompt that will really inspire intelligent interaction and thoughtful and/or amusing dialogue between the blogger and all the readers, by which I mean one or possibly both of my sisters.

First comment prompt- So, um, what does your favorite coffee/tea mug/cup look like?


Another New Year’s Resolution blog? Seriously?

Thank you for reading!


(P.S. First theme change- I love this Matala theme!)